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Due to the economic downturn beginning in 2007, we are seeing the largest transfer of wealth we have ever seen right in front of our eyes. Those that have the ability to capitalize on the opportunities today are increasingly multiplying their fortunes. Thank you for visiting the North Carolina Special Assets web page. We are The LMC Group. The LMC Group specializes in setting up lucrative deals in the world of special assets. Our group has specific access to bank portfolios and people in need of assistance. Deals run across our desks that produce huge returns for those that have the capability to see and execute them.  The LMC Group is always seeking additional capital partners to take advantage of deals producing 20% to 150% returns. These are safe and highly productive opportunities, and we are an extremely conservative company in viewing these opportunities.
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Together we can do it.
The LMC Group is in the business of solving problems. In  solving problems in today’s environment, the solutions often  come with huge payoffs for anyone who has the ability to  work a deal. Not everyone has the time to effectively work a  project and give it the attention needed to succeed. Enter The  LMC Group. Everyone within The LMC Group is an honest,  hard working individual and we focus on the bigger picture of  getting things done instead of talking about it. What most  seem to complain about, we see as direct opportunity...    read more
We all hear about distressed market properties. Some of  these are good and some are terrible. What we see are  extremely functional and lucrative deals in today’s market. We  look for the silver lining.  The LMC Group structures a way to  get the banks’ underperforming loans off their books and the  deal producing profits for the capital partners. The deal  structure dictates which way is best and having LMC as a  partner makes it easy. The bottom line is that we are  producing excellent returns currently in this market, and have  the track record to prove it. Our relationships within the  market for exits is ......... read more
Our track record is there. Our committment is there. LMC  does all the work associated with any deal. From initial  discovery to due diligence items, we provide all the work, all  the muscle, all the coordination for any transaction. Our pay  is condusive to the deal and the factors involved, but the  financial partner is always first. We are a results oriented  company, and don’t mind putting skin in the game. We will  partner, Joint Venture, or simply lay the deal out for the  partner with full exits in play....... read more
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